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Located in Raleigh North Carolina, Volodyne is a provider of fireside boiler cleaning technology, designed to remove inhibiting slag in boilers, on-line without the need to make any load adjustments.


The technology involves introducing a chemical method for reducing and inhibiting slag and clinker in boilers. Forced outages due to slagging are no longer required.

Volodyne PD96X is a proprietary blend of Alkali Nitrates and Catalysts in an aqueous solution. The chemical is injected directly into the firebox. PD96X then vaporizes and is carried through the system by the flue gases laying down on all the heat transfer surfaces. The chemical reacts with the main fouling and bonding agents, making deposits soft, dry and friable. This reduces thermal barriers, Improving heat transfer in the system.

Fouling no longer binds to the tubes and falls off or is carried away by the flue gases. PD96X is designed to prevent fireside deposits that lead to inefficiency maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces for the period of the Production campaign, and is considered to be of great benefit. It is with this in mind that we developed our product.

Availability of maximum performance can be achievable with the use of PD96X.


Our product reacts with fireside deposits produced from the combustion of the following fuels:

  •  Coal
  •  Petroleum Products
  •  Liquid Renewable (Biomass) Fuels
  •  Other
  •   .

    Simple and Low Cost

    Volodyne engineers will assist on site with the installation of the PD96X Fireside Cleaning product. Pumps and piping are required to be erected in order for the lance to be loaded with the chemicals, ready for injection. The PD96X product is non-toxic and easy to handle. Volodyne engineers will also assist on-site with full user training.

    The use of Volodyne will achieve the following:

  • Increased Boiler Efficiency
  • Boiler Draft Improvement
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Plexodyne is applied according to a program.
  • Applied on-line / no downtime
  • Plexodyne does not contain Magnesium
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Plexodyne is Non-toxic